Monday, 13 December 2010

The mess...

I wasn't going to post anything today but Sally's just emailed to say she's enjoying my poems, hurrah! So, this is for Sally.* And also for me.

The Mess

Don't let the mess
Depress you,
I said.

And don't think you need to impress
Me (or anyone)
With a tidy room
Or a tidy life.

It's OK
To be messy.
And if you have the time
To clear everything away
That's not
A good sign.

The mess is benign.

I've just done that thing where you look too closely at a familiar word and it becomes absurd. Messy, mess, mess, mess, messy mess, messiness. Gahhh!
*Not because I think she's messy! I just like her and I also, separately, like this poem.