Thursday, 23 December 2010

The People Who Hide In The Bushes

Continuing the games theme.... Tonight I played Scrabble with Suzie, Charlotte and Emma. (Good game girls.) Then I turned down a lift in order to walk back from Diggle to Delph. Charlotte was fairly worried I'd get got by The People Who Hide In The Bushes, but luckily I was fine. And I even made up a poem on the way.

A walk home

Crunch, crunch, crunch,
The snow
While my silhouette
Shrinks and grows
In front of me.

Occasional cars
Dash people indoors
But I
Would rather be out here
With the harsh air,
The view
Across the valley,
And those two
Horses I saw earlier today,
Still standing
In almost the same place.

I'll be ok
There's no one hiding in the bushes.



I played Things last night with Liz, Cat, Rob and Louise. Kier did his usual lurking-in-the-background thing, popping out to 'socialise' just as I emerged from the bathroom.
Kier: Did you do a poo?
Me: No
Kier: Yes you did, I can smell it.
Me: (Splutter) Liiiiiiz, Kier's making me feel uncomfortable. Again.

ANYWAY. Things I've lost: My favourite gloves.

The Lost Gloves

I had these amazing gloves
And I lost them.

Actually, someone took them
From the ladies
In the Old George
(Borough High Street)
When I,
Took them off
To have a wee.

They were greeny-
Turquoise, stripey,
Long and fleecy.

They were a present
From my mum

And I mourned
Them by moaning
At length
To anyone who'd listen

And rejecting all other handwear
As not long
Or warm
Or turquoise enough.

In fact, I think I know where
I could get another pair,
Pretty much the same.

But instead
I think I'll leave them
As an abstract,
Unattainable ideal
To which no subsequent pair
Will ever
Match up.


Thanks for the risotto Liz! (It had peas in.) And Kier, I honestly didn't.