Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bank Holiday Monday and A Family Debate

Also at Middlebrow magazine.

Bank Holiday Monday
I have cleared away
The Christmas decorations.
I have made soup
And written letters,
Filed my nails
And some bills,
Deleted old emails.
I have been to the shops
And the post box.
I have hoovered and swept
(With little effect).
I have been jogging and stretched.
I have read a novel, in bed,
Watched almost to the end
Of Brideshead Revisited
And I still
Miss you.
A family debate
For Christmas,
Grampy told us,
He’d like a metal detector.
No one was quite sure why.
Pushing ninety,
He didn’t go far,
Just down
To the shops
For the paper
And a coffee at Costa,
Sometimes to the doctor
Or the M&S in town.
‘Where will you use it?’
Asked Mum.
He seemed stumped.
‘Round the garden’,
I suggested,
To which he agreed
And Granny chipped in,
They’d once found
(Or someone down the road
Had), an old coin
And (whispering) a finger bone.
Mum was unconvinced.
‘I think,’ she said,
‘I’d rather get you a new TV.
You’ll get a better picture
And more space
With a flat-screen.’
Grampy wasn’t beaten yet.
‘It won’t detect metal though,
Will it?’
Mum had to admit
It wouldn’t
(But she bought it anyway)