Tuesday, 7 August 2012

He went to Madrid... And I didn't

Waking up with a wail
In my heart:
He left me.
He went to Madrid
And he chose someone else.

Why are mornings the worst time of day?
In fact at first, I’m OK.
I’ve slept, at least, no terrible dreams,
Then gradually it sinks in.

Rejection, regret;
Should I have said yes?
Would things have been different?

...Most of the time, I’m actually fine.
But if he ever reads this,
He’ll think I’m obsessed
With a stranger I felt close to
Who asked me to go to Madrid
And I didn’t.

Pillow talk

I’d lounge around
On your lower lip,
Climb to the tip
Of your nose
And skip
To the middle-brow summit,

Make the return trip
Over the curved ground
Of your cheek
Then sneak,
To your ear

Where I’d whisper
So softly
You’d have no idea
That I was ever

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