Thursday, 13 January 2011

A retrospective weather report

The sunrise on Monday

The sunrise
On Monday
Was stunning.

Pinks and reds, spread
Across the sky,
To surprise
Me when I left
For work.

I lingered,
Trying to soak it in,
And I wondered
If everyone else did too.
Did those
People at the bus stop know?
Or care?

Did bus drivers stare
At the horizon?
(Probably best
If not, since admiring views,
In my experience,
Tends to compromise
Road safety.)

In the staff room,
To brighten the mood,
I mentioned
The beautiful dawn.

'Ah', said Mr Byham,
'Red sky in the morning,
Shepherd's warning.
That means there's a storm

Rather more doom
In that response
Than I expected.
(But then again,
It has rained
Quite a bit